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Sertraline and Sex

Sorry if this is too TMI for some of you, but this needs to be said.

I was on Zoloft 300mg for 5 years.

Now, I'd never had a problem with libido during that time; I was just as interested in sex as before, if not more so because my depression was under control. But I was having a lot of trouble.... um.... crossing the finish line, so to speak.

It never occurred to me that the Zoloft might be my problem. Then I had a manic episode 4 weeks ago and was forced to come off it cold turkey. I suffered from awful withdrawal- shakes, sweats, dizziness like you wouldnt believe. But about 3 days after my last dose, something amazing happened.

I started crossing the finish line. Big time.

The relief was awesome.

Somehow, no matter how depressed I may get in future, I dont think I'll be keen to go back on the Sertraline.

Anyone else had this experience?
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