alien she (blackcassette) wrote in zoloft_nation,
alien she


Hey, guys. I was just started on Zoloft, 50mg, yesterday. I'm 20, and this is the first time I've been on any medication (I've had pretty bad depression and anxiety most of my life but I have health insurance now!)...

I took my first dose last night before bed. I tossed and turned, had hot flashes, was nauseated and shaky, and nearly passed out from terror when I realized this morning I had forgotten to mention to my psych that I also take an anti-biotic to prevent UTIs and thought that was the end of the world. (According to the paperwork and a few websites, there's no drug interaction, thank god.) I've also got a bit of dry mouth and a slight headache and I'm quite groggy. Had to call in sick today -- lord knows I can't make a cappucino shaking like this.

My boyfriend, who takes Paxil, says this is normal for awhile until your body adjusts. Is this the same for Zoloft? Are all of these side effects natural?
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