Mother Inferior (spiderbabyx) wrote in zoloft_nation,
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This isn't one I've read about anywhere

Has anyone noticed sensitivity to sound as a side effect of Zoloft?

I just can't hardly stand anyone yelling in my precense or talking close to me in anything louder than a normal speaking voice. My husband swears he isn't yelling at the kids any more than normal, but it feels like he is and sometimes I just want to tell the kids to behave so I don't have to deal with the resulting headache of hearing their father yell.

And I asked, and he says there is no alternative to him yelling at the girls. *sigh* My husband also has depression and is on Lexapro. He's been on it for a few weeks longer than I've been on Zoloft.

So yeah. I feel like I'm overly sensitive to sound. I've also been feeling triggered to resume my SI as of recent (but have not done it).
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