cheekymama (cheekymama) wrote in zoloft_nation,

Please help me

I know, this might be random, but I dont know where else to go. I've been taking 50mg/day for over 2 years, to help ease my sudden chronic panic attacks. I dont have, nor can I afford Insurance,and my state medical plan doesnt allow for adults who arent pregnant. My Dr. has been giving me free samples for the last 2 years, and I just found out today (when I called in my request for another month of samples) that because theres now a generic version, she won't be getting in any more samples. The generic at the cheapest pharmacy around is still gonna cost far more than I have money for. I am sitting here freaking out, because I have 2 days worth of pills, and no money for a prescription. I am going to have to quit this stuff cold turkey, and I heard horror stories about doing that with this type of medication. I need advice desperately! I'm afraid of the coming week, I don't know what to expect. has anyone here ever quit suddenly? Any advice is welcome!
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